About cattery

Zielone Migdały (green almonds) is a small home breeding cattery of Norwegian Forest cats. Our cattery is passion that we are dealing. Our cats are members of our family. They are all loved and spoiled and passion. Cats are part of our family.

The cattery’s name refers to the magical beauty and insight beautiful almond eyes. All our cats have green eyes. Is this just a coincidence or whether it was meant to be? One thing we know for sure: Our lives are connected with very intelligent creatures, that will make us cater to their every whim. Cats give a lot of love and affection in return for your care.

Our adventure with Norwegian Forest cats started in 2006, when our first female: Danika Togo*Pl became a part of our small family. Danika was a long awaited dream (she is black classic tabby female) She has big almond-shaped green eyes and gorgeous coat. We started to look for second cat and we bought Crazy. Soon, our second female came in – Crazy Demon Lasu*Pl, Norwegian Forest cat black tortie with white. Her name’s certainly not the case. Now we know… tortie is not just a color, it’s a character!

We thought we need a „Real Man”. So he was – in 2006 charming and very emotional Norwegian Forest blue boy – DK Salling’s GOLIAT came to us from winter Denmark.

Our big dream was to have a silver Norwegian Forest cat. Our friend – Leszka Szpineter, Duszek Lasu*PL cattery owner, gave us this little silver diamond – Rani Duszek Lasu*Pl. Rani is dignified and proud, the perfect princess that going their own way. And then there was Amelka, Amelka Zielone Migdały*Pl is daughter of Danika. When she was born in 2007, I knew that she will stay with us, we promised her.

In 2009 another one boy joined us – Eragon Zielone Migdały aka „string” – Eragon is Danika’s son. The biggest cat talkers I have ever seen or met.

We are a small home, Norwegian Forest cattery from Poland. We have been captivated not only by the character of those cats, but also by their appearance resembling the real cats of north.

Our goal is to breed healthy, happy and ful of love Norwegian Forest kittens. We would like to breed strong, healthy cats with well-balanced tempers, well socialized, inquisitive, courageous, gentle and attached to their humans. Our ambition is that our kittens would be large and strong of build, with magnificent fur, head shape according to the standard, the famous mysterious look of the almond, slightly obliquely set eyes and long and brushy „Norwegian Forest” tail.

We hope you will keep checking back!

Best regards – Izabela and Marek Kijanowscy.